Monday, October 1, 2012

Ran When Parked

1918 MILITARY 61ci HARLEY DAVIDSON in Albuquerque

Pretty much untouched since 1918 with Original Paint. Comes with Original 1918 Set of U.S. Saddlebags. I also have the following Motorcycles for sale:

1. 1927 Harley Davidson JD, 74ci.

2. 1913 Indian 61ci V-Twin basket case, original paint gas tank
3. 1917 Indian 61ci V-Twin Basket case but mostly complete.
4. 1948 First Year Indian Papoose, Original paint, needs motor work
5. 1946 LaRay Powercycle, one of only 50 ever made in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
6. 1973 Harley Davidson 350 Sprint, Runs Great!
7. 1956 Harley Davidson Hummer 165 (Currently listed on Craigslist)

I'm pretty sure these are some of the same bikes that turned up for sale on a trailer at C@D back in 2010.

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