Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years

My brother Rob and I got a couple of his bikes out on an impromptu outing today. It was brisk, actually barely snowing for part of the ride,  but a really good time all the same.

Fighting Forces

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hemi Time Lapse

These time lapse engine builds have been done to death but this one is a little different. It include all the grime, broken bolts, machine work, coffee, beer and everything else actually required.  Super cool engine build too!

Belmont BSA

1958 Belmont Speedway , Ca. TT Races. Bob Cambou's BSA Catalina with Marty Malchow racing it. Bob put Lambretta stickers on the tank because he worked for Al Fergoda at that time. Al was the BSA / Lambretta Dealer. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Norton Snapshots

Norton George mentioned he thought there were some blackmail worthy snapshots of him tucked away in a bunch of old books he loaned me. I searched them all the other day and didn't find any but I did find some other cool stuff.
I don't know who's bike this is but I'm in love. Hell, I'm in love with just this shot.

Maybe this is George's father's International? That's a real vintage motorcycle guy's shop floor for sure.

I found this original "Norton" waterslide decal. Awesome.

Triumph Racer

I love this bike!

Monday, December 26, 2016

New Charger

My son Vaughn and I have had several disagreements about the new generation of Dodge Chargers. He argues they are an undeniably appealing car, especially as 707 HP Hellcat. I argue any 4 door Charger is an abomination I will never forgive Dodge for. I really wish they had done something more similar to what they have done with the newer Challengers. They could have been this or even better...

HD Tractor

I've heard Flathead Rob describe a vintage HD as a two wheeled tractor. Torque for days but not exactly neck snapping acceleration. Here's perhaps historical support.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ed Kretz & Sons

A surprise from my incredibly thoughtful wife. Could be the shift knob for my Cossack bike one day... Google Ed Kretz if you don't know the name.

Spirit of Christmas Past

Guest post from Flathead Rob:

A couple of weeks ago I was pretty excited to go to an auction for Jeri Drager.  For those not from Seattle, Jeri and his father, Otto, owned a Harley-Davidson dealer in the several locations in the Pacific NW from 1934 until the late 1960s.  Jeri worked at his Dad's dealership starting in 1960 and was an avid racer as well.

 I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Jeri, and had really hoped to bring home a treasure or two for one of my old bikes.  Sadly, it was not to be, a single individual with a wallet much larger than mine bought up about 95% of the vintage Harley parts and memorabilia there.

I came home a bit jaded about people with deep pockets, and the motivation to flip stuff on eBay for large profits instead of preserving local history, or better, seeing those parts on local bikes running down the road.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, when my brother calls to say he has received a special package from an old friend in Albuquerque, and some of it is for me.

The "Genuine Harley Davidson Gaskets" box has the HD logo scratched out, and hand-written on the front is "Misc. Indian gaskets".  There were 15-20 gaskets inside.

Now the cool part.  I have been gathering parts and doing machine work on the engine for a 1955 Harley ST165, which will eventually become a Seattle Cossacks midget bike.  I am hoping to put it together over the holidays.

It made me laugh, when I saw that included in the menagerie of gaskets were a NOS cylinder base gasket and a head gasket for this exact model.

I have no idea how these gaskets came to be in Tom's garage, nor how long they were there before Tom decided to gift them to me.  All I know is that they arrived, unprompted, about three days before they will get installed...

Looking for a good home for a pair of NOS copper FL panhead head gaskets, on condition they get installed, and I get a picture of them on a motor.

Life is right again.  Thanks for way more than gaskets, Tom, and Merry Christmas. 

Norton Model 20

Pre-Unit Christmas

Borrowed from a Facebook friend. The best!


Dear Gas Monkey Garage - This is how you build a living Hot Wheel that's actually cool. A period 1956 Austin Healey blown 354 Hemi 'Gasser' restored by IDA Automotive.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas 1953

Dewey's Cycle Bib

Flathaed Rob and I stopped by Chris O'Neil's shop last night. I'm sure I've seen his racing bib before but I guess I didn't remember it. Chris raced for Dewey's Cycle in the mid 1960's. He has a photo of himself wearing the bib on the bike in 1966. What a cool keepsake!


I might be getting too obsessed with motorcycles. This is the name the cocktail waitress assigned to me at the last VME meeting.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pinckard Harley Davidson

I found a surprise in the mailbox today! Lurker Tom, you are the coolest! Regular readers may have noticed I have a pretty serious obsession with documenting past Albuquerque motorcycle shops and dealerships. Needless to say I was super stoked to find this postcard!
I don't know a lot about the Pinckards. Tom, if you know more feel free to chime in. Would this have been Albuquerque Harley-Davdison? I believe Wayne Pinckard was a pretty successful local flat track racer.

Chick Hancock (Chicks Harley Davidson) bought out Jake Alcon (Alcon Harley Davidson) in 1985. I believe Alcon opened in 1968. Alcon bought out Al Simonson (Simonson Cycles). I don't know when Simonson took on Harley Davidson. Were would this have fit in? Was there ever more than one HD dealer active in Albuquerque at the same time?

Thanks again Tom. You made my day!

Bubble Visor

If you haven't stopped by Bubble Visor for a while it's time again. This is just some of the Triumph stuff. Lot's of other cool bikes as usual.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ran When Parked

1942 Harley Davidson WLA barnfind TROG WR replica 45" racer - I must have browsed through the photos of this bike a dozen times before it sold on eBay. I just love it!

Ran When Parked

If I was ever going to own a British car again (and won the lottery) this would be the one.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ed Black's Soapbox Derby Trophy

Ed Black's Chevrolet apparently gave these out as soapbox derby trophies in the early 1960's. I did some digging looking for Albuquerque soap box photos but couldn't find much. I'd love to see some photos from when the Albuquerque track near the airport was in use.