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Merchants Parcel Delivery (later became United Postal Service) motorcycles first mechanized form of delivery vehicles used in 1916.
Merchants Parcel Delivery Fleet in Seattle in 1916. Founded as American Messenger Company in Seattle in August 1907.

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Chick Corea

I don’t typically delve into music much here but in honor of Chick Corea’s recent passing it just seemed appropriate. I was a little to young to have attend this show or even know who RTF were. I’ve since seen all the members of Return To Forever perform live accept Lenny White. There aren’t a huge number of live albums that were recorded in Albuquerque venues but this is one. If memory serves it was recorded at the since demolished Civic Auditorium. I only attended a couple of shows there but it hosted some greats, including Led Zeppelin. An older friend of mine of mine used to joke about mining the marijuana resin from the ceiling with a pickaxe before the building was demo’d...


I can’t really say why but riding a Kettenkrad is on my bucket list.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Norton Model 20

I’ve posted this one before but it’s a bike I’ve been thinking about. 1935 Norton Model 20.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Iceberg of Bernalillo

The Iceberg café located just beyond the railroad tracks in Bernalillo, New Mexico. This photo of the Iceberg café and Rio Pecos Gas Station was taken not long before they moved it back to Albuquerque. For a white, a Polar Bear lived on top of the Iceberg.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

1955 Triumph T100R

This 1955 Triumph T100R has an Oregon number plate. The photo may have been taken at Portland Meadows for the Portland Mile race, probably '55 or '56.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Charles Hamilton - Georgetown

From David Ruble on the Seattle Vintage FB group: “A group of 4,500 enthralled Seattleites gather at the Meadows former horseracing track just south of Georgetown to watch Charles Hamilton become the first to pilot a heavier-than-air craft in Washington state, March 11, 1910. Mr. Hamilton was also known as the "Crazy man of the air," famous for daredevil dives, spectacular crashes, a fair amount of reconstructive surgery, ever-present cigarette and near-constant level of intoxication. He lived up to his nickname the next day by crashing his Curtiss biplane into a small lake nearby (see photo in the comments). He suffered only minor injuries and lived to survive 60 such crashes but was eventually claimed by tuberculosis in 1914. A newspaper reporter quipped, "Girls, if you marry for money pick an old man or an aviator." Although Hamilton earned an estimated quarter-million-dollars during his brief and spectacular career, he died penniless. The Washington Legislature banned gambling on the horses in 1909, but the Meadows continued to host scintillating exhibitions of aeronautic feats at the former racetrack, but it would be another 18 years after Hamilton's flight that the area was converted to create a bona fide air field for an airplane-making company called Boeing.”

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