Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ran When Parked

 1956 Harley Davidson KH - This bike is quite interesting from a local history perspective. Until fairly recently it sat on display in Thunderbird Harley Davidson. As it turns out the bike was purchased back by it's previous owner who I'm assuming is now selling it again. The CL ad mentioned that the bike was purchased new at Pinckard's Harley Davidson. One of the previous owners (perhaps the original owner) I'm told was Eddie Corbin who raced it locally in the mid-50's. It really should be in the Albuquerque Museum. It would look good back in Eddie's garage as well.

50's Model K Ad
Pinckard HD Ad from "The Enthusiast"
 I'd kill to have anything close to this sort of background history on my '51 Tiger. I love this sort of stuff.

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