Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ran When Parked

Triumph Speedway Vintage Racer

"I have for sale a Vintage Triumph Cub Speedway in original condition. This machine, called a "Portland Speedway", was raced in the NW in the early '60's. There were only 18 of these hand built Cub racers made and this still has the original "Candy Stripe" paint job. The frames were hand built by Red Rice with parts and machine work provided by Cliff Majhor of Cycle Hub and Blackie Blackburn, well known hot rod builder. This machine was ridden most of the time by local flattracker Clark Gable, (not the actor), and was ridden at least once by Sammy Tanner according to my notes taken when interviewing Cliff Majhor several years ago. This is a genuine vintage race bike with NW history and only a handful of these Cubs still exist."

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