Friday, October 12, 2012

Racer Headlight

I've definitely had the intention since day 1 of building my current T110 project with a serious early 50's racer influence. Exactly to what degree I still haven't really decided. I've certainly been toying lately with the idea of actually running number plates. How you do that and make it street legal without looking hokey is not completely straightforward.

One of the first bikes I saw that I thought did this exceedingly well was Craig Murray's '69 T150 Gene Romero tribute. I had no idea that bike was street legal the first time I saw it. IMO the headlight setup was pretty damn clever.

Lots of people are doing it on streettrackers with mini-lights in the plate. If they are visible at all it certainly fits better on a more modern style bike.

 I thought this concept was pretty cool. I wish I could see the flip mechanism the builder used better.

The following are some of the bikes I can't stop looking at.

This one is a little modern... but come on. It's Nixon.

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