Sunday, September 30, 2012

Field Trip

Given I was away from home Flathead Rob took me out for surrogate Sunday coffee. We rode Rob's 1938 HD U, 1942 HD WLA and Nate's lovely Burgundy Mist 1955 Panhead from Rob's house to Georgetown. We stopped for breakfast at a place called Jules Maes directly across from the abandoned Rainier Brewery building. Pretty cool spot.

The following are some photos from the backside of the brewery.

We stopped by a machine shop to checkout this marine crankshaft.

Flathead Rob employs his freakish Jedi engineer skills to assess for acceptable tolerances

I've posted photos of Nate's Pan here before but it's rad. It's been in his family for three generations. It's got all the coolest 50's dress up doodads including the perfect period custom color. The coolest part is the bike has been "dressed" this way for 50+ years. When Nate restored it he literally restored it. Every time I look at it I notice new details. I'm not normally a huge fan of "dressers" but this bike is too cool. I love the black painted wheels, they are a super cool touch.

Checkout those futuristic Buco bags

All in all a really fun time. I'd really like to ride a foot clutch bike enough I could do it without thinking about it.

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