Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cycle crazies comandeer Ferry

Isle of Vashon ODD BALLS

Isle of Vashon Harleys

Isle of Vashon Triumphs

To tired to write much. Good tired. It was fun.

Greaser Roundup

Sorry, more sh*t cell pix. That turquoise Pontiac roadster was pretty amazing, all late model Mustang driveline and suspension.


Coffee at Dawn

Norton Mike and I took the geezer bikes up to CAD and then up to Sandia Peak this morning. Both bikes ran well and it was a pretty good time. There was a better old bike turnout than I'd seen before. Sorry the pix are lame, I only had a cell phone camera. That '48 Norton was the sh*t!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bobby J's

For some unknown reason Vaughn has been talking about his motocross bike for weeks now. Silly gearhead.

TR6R Build

Here are some photos of a project Classic Cycles Inc. is just completing. I'm not sure I would have picked that color scheme but its still really nice. I'd love to visit that shop some day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

1951 Triumph Thunderbird

I noticed the 1951 Triumph Thunderbird in Coeur d'Alene is gone. I'm assuming it's not cuz it's in Flathead45's garage.

(that's a young Vic Edelbrock Jr. in the photo)

Lurkingclass eBay

I noticed Lurkingclass has his latest build up on eBay. Should be interesting to see what that one goes for. Trent has a Triumph(?!?) up there too!

Cook Choppers

Flathead45 asked me some questions the other night about Cook Choppers, the builder of the Rambler inline 4 I posted previously. Seemed like a reasonably good excuse to post a pic of Dave's Norton which I also think is sorta cool. I didn't even notice the model in case you were wondering... (you should see the magazine spread).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I feel the need...

Quick post of my coworker's significant other, Scott McCleod. Scott just returned from Bonneville Salt Flats, where he set a class record of 209 mph on his turbocharged Hayabusa... Scott ran 215 mph last year (if my memory is right). Said the salt lacked traction this year... I think Scott is only the nineteenth or twentieth person ever to join the 200 mph club on a bike...

Third picture is Scott's record run. Second picture is the morning back-up run, and the top picture is the bike in impound until it's checked. Great job, Scott and Jana. The coolest thing is they are a truly two-person team.

Oh yeah, how does one know that they are losing traction at 209 mph? When the GPS says 209 mph, and the wheel spin sensor says 269 mph!!!

You might recognize the starter, who played "himself" in "World's Fastest Indian".