Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Oley 2012

Thanks for sharing Flathead Rob.

Antique Roadshow

Every so often I see parts that seem to precisely marry Fathead Rob's love of vintage motorcycles and loitering in antique stores...

Speaking of Antique Roadshow, there's an excellent chance some of you might recognize the the appraisee in this segment. Next time maybe he'll take a Velocette, BSA, AJS, Norton or whatever. 


Remembering Keith Moore

I was quite touched by this Nostalgia on Wheels post. This photo struck me as an incredibly fitting tribute.

47 T100

More from Oley. Lovely.

Oley Triumph GP

Flathead Rob was kind enough to torture me will more GP photos... This thing is SO cool.

Rob and I were chatting a little about the early alloy cylinders used on the GP's and some of the Trophys etc. I don't think he'd even seen one of the original RAF Triumph generators they came from (seen below).

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oley 2012

My favorite brother called today with an Oley report. Sounds like he had a good time, I really wish I could have been there. Pictures are coming.

He did mention the Brit bikes (or Triumphs at least) were a little sparse. Tonight stumbled across these pictures. I have no idea if this is a genuine GP but I'm not sure I care. I LOVE it. All the Triumphs I need to see...

He also mentioned a '47, this is probably it. Very pretty.

Oley Swap Meet 2012

I heard through a very reliable source someone we know is making a detour through the Oley Swap Meet today. I wish I was there. Hopefully some pictures will soon be on the way.


"Barn Find" Spitfires

I'm not quite sure I can fit one of these into my garage.