Sunday, April 28, 2013


I'll reluctantly admit that my 7 year old has been bugging to take him to the skatepark for a couple of weeks. Guilt finally resolved that issue today.

I couldn't resist egging a couple of BMXers into showboating a little. I really miss being able to do this sort of stuff from time-to-time. Sucks to get old.

Red Farwell

Red Farwell is mentioned in several of the photos I previously posted about from Peppy's album. I loved that the clipping below mentions Farwell's BSA Gold Star in a fashion that makes it sound so exotic.

The pwnmom article I previously referenced about the Death Head Derby mentions that Red later raced nationally and finished 2nd at Daytona in 1952. Tragically Red hit a spectator crossing the track during the Daytona race the following year. Both Red and the spectator later died from the injuries they sustained.

Death Head Derby

Another photo of Gwenn Myers, this time from the Death Head Derby. No date is referenced but I'd guess it's from around 1945. His bike appears to be a Val Page era Triumph. I don't know those bikes very well but I'd guess it's about a '36. I'd love to know a little more about this guy. Tom  Samuelsen or the Jolly Rogers perhaps.

I did recall Tom mentioning the Death Head Derby at a recent VME meeting and that the trophy had been a human skull of some sort. The Pacific North West Museum of Motorcycling has very well documented the race.

Red Farwell with "Annabelle" following his 1951 victory.

Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club Meet - 1946

The following picture is one of those vintage motorcycle racing photos you find pasted all around the Internet. It's just so timeless. What I didn't know is it's Jolly Roger's related. Looks at the faces in the crowd. It's instantly clear everyone there is well aware this guy is a BAMF.

Gwenn Myers

So based on the photo album pages posted here. the photo appears to have come from a September 16, 1945 Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club Meet.There are several other photos from that meet posted from that meet

Little Peppy & Farwell

A little Jolly Rogers stunt action between hill runs. I've heard the Seattle Cossacks got their start from similar racing breaks.
And other JRMC meets...

'Fly Boy' Jack Coney - May 19 Meet, 1946

King John - JRMC Meet May 19, 1946
I eventually found my way to the entire album. Can you say mother-load? It's gonna take at least another day to go through them all. I plan to spend a little time trying to see what I am able to found out about individual riders by name. It's just way too cool!

Bellingham TT June 23, 1946

Mt Baker MC 1946

Don Feister Tacoma Trials 1953

Tacoma Trials - 1953

Saturday, April 27, 2013



Baby Mine


My taste has always favored hot rods over customs. I'm sure there are similar reasons I'm not a huge stretched chopper or long bike guy. That said on occasion I see a custom (or chopper) that is so brilliantly executed it's impossible not to appreciate. Workmanship, flow, this car is both radically custom and looks factory built at the same time.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Albuquerque Museum Show

Whoa. Vaughn and Emma are rock stars. Vaughn sure thought it was neat. thanks Thanks Lurker Tom.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Seattle Supercross

The weather sucked a little but cleared up just in time. The track conditions ended up being WAY better than I would have guessed two hours before the race.

Eli Tomac's crash in the Lites was heartbreaking. Bummer that Villopoto couldn't pull off a hometown win but Barcia looked great and claimed a well deserved win. It was awesome to finally have V, Joey & I all back together again. Motorcycles don't always have to be the best part... I can't wait for next year.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Art of the Basket

I bought this book from it's author at a swap meet this weekend. well worth a look.

 The following are a couple of example photos.

A couple for Flathead Rob
This photo is the closest thing to Jawa parts I found for Lurker Tom at the swap

Mount Vernon Swap Meet Report

I've gotten several complaints from my vast readership (well, my brother anyway) for not posting anything about the 2013 Mount Vernon Swap Meet or the Seattle Supercross. So here we go...

The swap meet was pretty cool. Unfortunately my phone crashed and died before I was able to take many photos. I found some crazy bastard who restores early Briggs engines. Quite a shame Flathead Rob wasn't there. There was plenty of cool stuff but nothing I really needed or had the money for at the time. I did end up finding a guy that had a pretty fair selection of early Pre-Unit Triumph parts. That may be useful somewhere down the line.

Here are the few photos I was able to take before my phone went South.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Seattle Supercross Pre-Race Report

I ran into a Team Muscle Milk Honda factory mechanic at Harbor Freight tonight. Too damn funny. I assured him that it completely blew my image of factory mechanics...

He "claimed" he was there killing time so he didn't have to piss away his night in a hotel room. Seriously, nice guy though. He did confirm that the heavy rain we had all day today has left the track a wreck. He thought they'd run only one quite abbreviated practice session tomorrow to spare the track. Kinda of a bummer but I've suspected that would end up being the case months ago.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10th Annual WVM Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet

I'm looking forward to my first WVM Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet on Saturday, April 20th. at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon. 

I still miss all the friends I made in the Albuquerque vintage motorcycle community but I'm looking forward to some of the opportunities a larger vintage motorcycle base can afford. Finding vintage European motorcycle parts in New Mexico is tough sometimes. Buying everything through eBay just sucks.

Seattle Supercross 2013

The Seattle Supercross race is this coming weekend.

Last weeks race is the first race I WASN'T able to watch this season. I hear Dungey won and based on the limited results I saw it must have been a close finish. My 7 year old is a pretty serious Dungey fan but Seattle is Villopoto's home town. It'll be my first live Supercross race and I've wanted to see one since the Bob Hannah days (1979 maybe). It should be fun!

Incidentally, should you decide to attend the race they are now offering the following deal:

Don’t miss your chance to meet the riders and get autographs at the Pit Party. Just recycle any empty Monster Energy can from participating QFC or Jackson's locations at the Pit Entrance for your free admission to the Pit Party from 12:30PM - 6:00PM with a valid Saturday, April 20, 2013 ticket.

I paid $10 a piece for my pit passes. 

Ran When Parked

1939 BSA Silver Star - Beautiful.

Ran When Parked

1951 Triumph Thunderbird -Ever since I rode Chicks '51 T-Bird I have been totally smitten with these bikes. I think Chick's is actually even nicer than this one.

Having ridden my '51 Tiger in an unfamiliar city recently I've been thinking I need to put a mirror(s) on it. I can say for certain they won't be the same ones on this bike...

Ran When Parked

1946 Indian Chief - This post is nothing but a shameless attempt to influence Flathead Rob. This is a color option he's discussed in the past. Add a buck colored saddle and Rob's painted wheels and I think it would be a stunning combination. There are nice photos included with the eBay listing. Check them out. So many of the Chiefs of this era were way too loaded with chrome crap. IMO it's really nice to see one that's not.

Ran When Parked

1969 Suzuki T500 - I know nothing about the Suzuki 2 strokes built this early but this one has been listed several times now. It's captured my attention every time...

Ran When Parked

1976 Honda CR125 Elsinore - Even as a kid I've always thought the mid-70's Honda motocross bikes were some of the nicest looking bikes of the era. This one has been beautifully restored and has an interesting linage.