Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vintage Classic Motorcycles

One of the stops I try to make almost every time I'm in the Northwest is Vintage Motorcycles Northwest. I'm only posting a fraction of the amazing stuff there. The historic photographs alone are reason enough to go but add to that vintage tools, parts, customer bikes, it's all just amazing. Oh yeah, there's a motorcycle museum too... The lighting was rough and the only camera I had was my cellphone. Please forgive me.

Know you want a Knucklehead but are having a tough time deciding which year you should own? Apparently John Burgin Had the same problem and solved it in the most obvious way. They are all perfect. How long did HD use banjo fittings on the oil tank? Look down the line... Oh yeah, only in 1936. Most way .2 miles or less.

'36 - '47


 Every time I'm there I find the WWII era years especially fascinating. For obvious reasons they are ultra rare. I think for a couple of years the were "essential Production" only, meaning if you weren't a police department, fire department, etc. you were not buying a new Knucklehead. No chrome. Badging and trim is all decals. No rubber parts. All that stuff was rationed to support the war effort.

Checkout that tank badge decal

1948 factory HD 45. Full pedigree. Awesome. It's for sale. I don't think Antoine has an HD and likes race bikes... It would fit in Chick's collection very well as well.

More, more and more. There is some much cool stuff you frankly almost become jaded and overlook stuff that would normally command your full attention.

I apologize again for the blurry and poorly lit photos.

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