Saturday, May 31, 2014


HellMutt's Grand Opening

I got word today that a friend is taking the plunge and opening a shop in Tacoma. The Grand Opening is June 13 6 PM - 9 PM. I can't think of a guy I'd more like to see succeed.

I met Billy at the Lemay show last year. Some guys you just meet and like immediately. When he mentioned he was the guy behind Hellmutt's I was immediately familiar with the name. Hellmet's relines and refinishes vintage motorcycle helmets and the workmanship is just stunning. Mild to wild, they just kill it.

My bike was lined up next to his Triumph at the Lemay show last year. His bike is just as immaculately built. It won first place in the custom class. Well deserved.

Plan to stop by the Grand Opening.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Model T Driving School

Today's Seattle Times has a nice feature on the Model T driving classes being offered at the Lemay Museum. Flathead Rob and I ran into Mike Conrad at a swap meet a few months ago and mentioned that he'd be helping out with the classes. I had just seen the Top Gear episode (seriously, watch this!) in which they strove to find the first car with conventional controls. I thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea. Sign me up!

Mike Conrad gave my son Vaughn a ride in a Model T about a year ago and I'll admit, I was a little envious that I'd never ridden in one. I finally got a ride at the 2014 South Prairie Fly-In (I'm not in the photo). I got to hand-crank the car too! No joke. It was really really cool.

 I haven't seen Mike's whole Model T collection yet but I hope to some day. He has some pretty exotic stuff.

CYCLE Magazine Proofs - Bonneville 1951 - Part 2

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Backfire Moto - May 2014

Nate, Flathead Rob & I made our first run of the season up to Backfire Moto. First, the weather was outstanding which was nice. It's a fun event and the closest thing I've in Seattle to Coffee At Dawn.  The primary difference is it's HUGE. It makes pretty difficult meet and chat with new people. Well worth the trip. Great mix of bikes. Much like C@D all motorcycle "walks of life" are there.

You don't see a Cushman Eagle drag bike every day

I don't recall having seen one of these Ducati Hypermotard StP's before. It looks to have serious trouble causing potential.
Apparently the ST165 we just finished is not the only super clean HD Lightweight in town

Vaughn decided weeks ago he wanted a ride on Uncle Rob's bike. Just as we were rolling out for Backfire Moto Vaughn started working Rob over to collect that ride. We told him if he changed into pants Rob would give him a ride when we got home. We were running a bit late on the way home and completely forgot. Rob split off to go home and the minute I opened the garage Vaughn came out ready. I called Rob and with zero hesitation he came back. Thanks Uncle Rob!