Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wes White Update

Based on updates I've seen on various forums Wes is doing alright. He spent about 3 days in the hospital and is now facing some bill problems.

Straight from Wes on JJ:

Hey Guys, It is never too early for jokes. The doctor was amazed that I was joking like a fiend as soon as I hit the door. Part natural personality, part terror. Just a quick update, I will be going to the doctor tomorrow for the first real evaluation since the surgery. Definately gonna put a hard cast on it for me and look for the first time at what is under the "soft" one I have now. What color should I get! Basic black or should I go daring pink?

Then it will be four weeks on stick with as much time spent with the foot elevated as possible.

With that in mind, if you were thinking of sending a head or a barrell to be bored, or a crank to be ground. Go ahead and do it. I can do that stuff sitting down and will definately need the work. My limit on standing up proper will be a couple hours a day and quite frankly right now, 10 minutes standing up makes me feel like my leg is gonna explode anyway. Seems like I will be able to do cam bushes and other light motor work too. Don't hesitate to drop me an email for parts, etc.

Unfortunately I have been so busy in the shop working lately that I have neglected the parts business, but if you ever wanted any parts from me, please email me too. Everything helps right now and as you can imagine the bills will be rolling in.

Everyone thinks that your insurance company is gonna be out there fighting for you when these things happen and perhaps yours has in the past. Well be assured that most of the time they just don't give a shit. And the day to day living and bill paying of a working class stiff is fucked and a half when this shit happens.

Mike Davis of Born Free fame has put some effort into helping the guy back on to both feet so to speak. Mike: If you just want to donate send payment it to this paypal address (payment note broken ankle) and or buy one of his Bonnieville support Tee's or Dvds

Wes is a good guy, at least based on the dealings I've had with him. If you can swing it please send him a few bucks, buy a t-shirt or send him some work.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1966 Ducati Monza

This one in Vancouver is pretty cool too. Who doesn't need a 250cc Ducati?

1939 Rudge

There's some interesting stuff on CL today.

Trimph 3HW

I think this is built around a military 350cc Triumph 3HW. Same engine was used in the late 30's for the Tiger 80. Pretty rad.

English Stephen, I hope you are able to find a girder...

Monday, May 28, 2012

VW Farewell

As previously mentioned I've been trying to help my Dad sell his '71 Beetle. Vaughn (my 6 year old). Is really smitten with it. He's tried to convince me we should keep it (I hate VW's). He's asked me for at least a dozen "last" rides.

He heard me talking to the new owners tonight and overheard that they will be taking it home tomorrow. Vaughn immediately got dressed from his bath and wanted a last ride (well he worked me for a ride before school tomorrow too but I knew we wouldn't have time). Once we got in the car he asked if there was any way he could drive and I explained he wouldn't be able to reach the pedals. We went on a short ride and he asked if he could sit in my lap and steer, something I've never done with him before BTW. He's gonna miss the car. He loves my '69 Charger too. He was just asking me a few days ago exactly what it would take to get it running.

What makes one person a gearhead and 2o others not? It's not being raised in a gearhead household, my older son and daughter don't have the bug.

I've heard loads of people speculate that the old car/bike hobby is dying. Vaughn's not having it.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

White Knuckle

This looks well worth $25.

1929 Sunbeam Model 9

A friend of mine recently acquired this bike. I'm told my friend has been "chasing" this bike since the mid-90's and you can see why. It's beauty combined with the well documented history that accompanies it makes it nothing short of a "must post."

"The Sunbeam was inherited from my Uncle Jack in 1994, it was air freighted from England to me here in the States that year.

Although it is a Model 9, Jack built it in the style of a Model 90, which is basically the racing version of the bike. Prior to him acquiring it in 1984 it had been used as a race bike.

The Model 90 has a twin exhaust port and hair pin valve springs that being the major difference to the 9’s single port and coil valve springs.

In 1929 one could order a Sunbeam in any configuration desired and I believe he built it this way as that was how he would have bought it back in 1929 when he was 17 years old

The Sunbeam has been in the Banbury Run 1986, 1987, 1988 & 1992 with Jack riding.

From the photographs it will be noticed that the Sunbeam has no lights, in fact any electrics at all. Lights were an extra in 1929. Spark is produced by a magneto which on this bike is a magdyno and Jack fitted a dummy piece where the dynamo fits. A straight Magneto should replace the unit.

A stop light switch and stop light was added to get it licensed here in California. A small battery was attached to the underside of the seat.

Most Sunbeams had knee pads on the fuel tank, Jack chose not to install them and the Gold leaf lining reflects that and when the tank was repainted Jacks lining was reproduced. Saddle tanks on Sunbeams first made an appearance in 1929

The Buff Log Book goes back to 1953

The Sunbeam has probably done less than 200 miles since taking delivery here in the States.

Engine and Gearbox have not been disassembled since Jack put them together."

What a great bike.

Matchless & Norton For Sale

I have a good friend that is looking to "thin the herd" a little. He is looking to sell two bikes.

If you know anybody who wants a very nice1975 MK3 Commando ( E start) or a 1966 G80 Matchless, let them know about the bikes. The G80's were sold as either a Matchless or a ES2 Norton. It has a Norton frame, brakes, suspension etc, but has a Matchless short stroke engine. The Commando is in very good shape with under 10K miles. The electric start really works. The owner built a mercury outboard starter for it that is a four brush. He is willing sell either one for $7500.

I've seen the electric start conversion on the Commando. Brilliantly engineered and executed in a fashion only a guy with his own machine shop could do. This would be the ideal bike for a guy that really wants to ride a vintage bike but can't start one because of a bum knee or something.

Hell, buy the pair and have color matched bookends...

Email john(dot)d(dot)root@gmail(dot)com for details.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something Like Olivia 2.0

I had a few folks here complain they weren't able to access the narcissistic love song I posted for my motorcycle previously. Now that the album has been released it looks like the video is also publicly available again. Too damn funny.

Gary Nixon Estate Auction

Gary Nixon Estate Auction.

Triumph Sign

It's a little beyond my current budget but it's pretty cool.


I lost track of where I found this one now. Pretty clean.

Sydney Update

My daughter Sydney had another photo published this week (she has stronger stuff than this one too IMO...). Poke through her photo blog, I think you'll agree. Pretty cool all the same.

Her first published photo was in Riders, a super high-end Italian motorcycle magazine.

Completely unrelated, Syd had to submit a profile photo for her employer's staff page last night. I approved of her choice.

I love that kid.

51 Triumph T6 Thunderbird

Found here. Cool little video.

Wes White

I saw on Facebook that Wes White went down. From what I gather he primarily injured his ankle and is doing OK. Still sucks. Someone on FB commented Wes had a little Morphine face working in this picture. Hang in there buddy. I can't help but wonder what he was riding and how it fared. North Los Angeles Motorcycle Club is selling t-shirts to help support his medical expenses.

Between Wes and Moore's Cycles I hope I don't need parts anytime soon. I miss ya Keith.

Nummy Norton

See it here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Devil's Reject

Unfortunately I saw this one too:

I think I'll side with the Devil on this one.  Time for an intervention...

Motivation for English Stephen...

Saw this Triumph in Snohomish.  I think this is a 1956 T110 if I remember right...  Traditional English weather as accompaniment.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Mike Davis posted some photos of the Pre Unit he is building for Born Free 4. Like all his stuff it looks great so far. I just love Hollywood bars.

Seemed like a good opportunity to taunt English Stephen with some polishing porn. These ALP '56 pieces are to date the most unbelievable polishing job I've ever seen. Unreal.

Seattle Cossacks - Snohomish 2012

My brother's hobby is cooler than your brother's hobby.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


60 Years

60 years of Triumphs. Tyler just went in the garage for a soda and came back in asking if I knew that Olivia was throwing a Triumph party.