Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oil Tank Bracket Version 2.0

I recently had an oil tank mounting bolt shear on Olivia for a second time. When you build a custom bike that you ride A LOT your design flaws will present themselves. For the record Trent wasn't shy about telling me that part would fail when he welded the mounting bungs on.

Flathead Rob came up with an idea to improve the mount. We fabricated a thicker mount with counter bores that will support the weight of the tank and some other refinements.

Fingers crossed. I seriously doubt if you'd be able to even see a difference. That was part of the idea.

Incidentally, I wanted to order the parts to address a couple of other neglected problems while Olivia was briefly incapacitated. I decided to give Moore's Cycle Center a try for the first time since Keith Moore passed away. I was very pleased to find that Keith's legacy of service, selection and prices are thus far being carried forward. It certainly makes buying parts a much more enjoyable.

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