Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Forsberg Indian

I found this post on the Jolly Rogers Club site (a perfect example of that depth of heritage). The content is so awesome and so relevant to Flathead Rob I wanted to be sure I could find the facts and photos again in the future. I hope no one minds my reposting.

Forsberg Indian street view. Location is in Capitol Hill, Seattle and picture dates from about 1946

"In the mid 1940s Paul Stockinger, one of the founding members of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club worked at Forsberg Indian as a mechanic. His son Steve provided the Historian with these photos and we are grateful to him. The pictures show the shop, inside and out in about 1946. Paul relocated to Tacoma a few years later to take over ownership of the Tacoma Indian dealership. He spent a lifetime in the motorcycle business and it started when he was a young man and member of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club."

Inside Forsberg Indian, Seattle about 1946. Notice the new Chief. Behind it is an older Indian 4 and a hillclimber.

Can Indian Mike or Flathead Rob confirm the year of the Chief pictured above? I think '46 was the first year post leafspring front end but I have no idea about the tank badges.

Take a few minutes to read the original post and to look over the rest of the photos. Then loose a couple of hours in the rest of the historical content on the Jolly Rogers site. Killer, killer stuff.

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Flathead45 said...

The Chief in the foreground of the Fosberg dealership photo is a '46. The front end indicates post-war, and the tank badge confirms '46. Cool post.