Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kevin Windham Retires

I was a little bummed to learn Kevin Windham announced his retirement from Supercross. To put his career into perspective at 34 Kevin has been competitively racing professional Supercross longer than some of his competitors have been alive.

Admittedly part of the reason I now enjoy rooting for Windam is that he is the "old guy." The old guy that genuinely stays competitive. I was a fan when he was the kid out there too. Kevin has been pretty unbeatable whenever track conditions get ultra extreme, like heavy mud. Kevin has always been extremely fluid and smooth as a rider, making everything just seem effortless. He is also unusually tall for a Supercross rider. Historically tall riders have often looked lanky and awkward but for Kevin it never seemed to be an impediment.

Kevin has always well understood the showmanship aspect of the sport too. Early on his finishline trademark was his signature Heel Clicker. This was pre-FMX. In those days Supercross was the only place you ever saw stuff like that.

Kevin's pre-show "transfer" jumps are still the stuff of legend.  I've heard countless guys comment "Hell no I'm not doing that!"

I'm really bummed that in almost 20 years of racing I never got to see him race live. Good luck Kevin, you'll be missed. I'd bet money he winds up in a rally car or something similar.

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