Friday, February 1, 2013

E-Type Atrocity?

 Enzo Ferrari once called the E-Type Jaguar "The most beautiful car ever made." Look hard at a series I and it's tough to argue with him. It's one of those vehicle's that just can't be done better than stock. Save maybe this one. Man I love that car.

This one has always been a favorite too. Never has a car better supported the storyline of a film. 

The car is the feature of my all time favorite movie car crash too. No phoney "Die Hard" type explosions, no explosive propelled multiple roll-overs, just splat. It has crazy dramatic effect. It's just shockingly more real maybe. Rambo's no going to get out of that car unscratched. The car sounds pretty damn good as it's getting flogged too.

So what's my all-time favorite movie crash unconditionally? Easy. This one. If you've ever tried unsuccessfully to teach an absolute beginner to rider I think you'll recognize why. I have watched video hundreds of times and it makes me laugh every single time.

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