Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seattle Motorcycle History

Those you that check in here with any regularity know I'm an absolute sucker for the aspects of motorcycle history that just quietly disappear (shops, race tracks, clubs, etc.). By and large this is the sort of stuff you only learn by talking to guys that were there or people that have keepsakes like photos. Being in the NW now I am naturally starting to poke around for these sorts of things. Unfortunately don't know many people yet. That said, a city like Seattle has so much more motorcycle history than a city like Albuquerque it's almost like cheating. I can't wait to dig deeper.

Seattle Cossacks - Auburn 1948

Max Loudons Girls

Seattle Motorcycle Club 1921

Seattle Motorcycle Club 1911

City Light Motorcycles 1918

Seattle 1918

Jolly Rogers

Seattle Motorcycle Club Race Program 1910

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