Monday, March 11, 2013


Of course. What other engine would you expect to find in a Terraplane hot rod? I sure would like to hear that thing running.


Flathead45 said...

It's really cool looking, but I suspect it might not run... It appears to me that the disks on the top right side of each cylinder are plugs blocking off the exhaust ports.

Can't find any other pix nor video on the web

Flathead45 said...

Just in case enquiring minds want to know...
The engine is a late Russian Vedeneyev 9 cylinder fuel-injected radial, 460hp, the most produced radial anywhere in the world. It is mounted backwards, relative to an airplane, which makes sense, because the prop shaft would need to connect to some kind of gear box. I can confirm that it is currently missing any exhaust system.

Other airplane parts include oxygen tanks from a B-17, and the pitot tube (for airspeed measurement) on top of the radiator shell is an especially nice touch.