Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I was poking around a little to see if I could find any footage of the Terraplane running.

Best I can tell the photos I previously posted are from the Headbanging Hot Rod race in Germany. There loads of cool photos on the site. A bunch more cool photos are posted here. Check them out.

Traditional hot rods a product American history/culture. Where are the cool events like this in the US? I guess we are too busy with being Rockabilly cartoon caricatures (10" pompadours, jeans with 10" cuffs, rat rods, etc.). to get it this right. I'm so sick of "if a little bit is cool WAY WAY too much has to be great, right?" I can't wait for choppers with 8' sissy bars and 8' pipes to match to go the way of the beach ball tire pro-street bike bullshit.

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