Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coffee Before Noon

Nate & Dennis swung by to pick me up after I briefly blew them off to watch the lame CBS Sunday morning Supercross coverage. I'm still roughing it without a DVR so I still have to watch TV when it's on...

The weather was slightly brisk but sunny (whoa, I know. I had to find my long forgotten sunglasses). We ran down to Auburn for breakfast. Great ride but I wish Flathead Rob had been around for it. I owe Nate et al breakfast next go around. Thanks gents.

We happened onto a European car gather of some sort at the same restaurant. I only had a second to grab a couple of photos but there was some rad and unusual stuff there. Sorry, no photos but I saw an actual 60's French rally car. Pretty wild. No shortage of exotic stuff around these parts.

You have to be pretty damn confident in your car's ugliness to park your Citroen next to a Ferrari and not feel bad about it...

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