Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've been driving through real Seattle commuter traffic this week for something work related. It didn't take me long to realize... it really sucks. My freeway travel average works out to about 12 MPH. It doesn't take long to convince yourself the HOV lane would justify a motorcycle (what doesn't justify buying a motorcycle). I do know I wouldn't want to commute routinely on an old bike.

If I was gonna buy a modern bike, any guesses what it would be? Anyone surprised? Common now, it's clearly just the 2008 equivalent to my '51 Tiger.

I might not be the absolute best bike for rain. I wonder if sitting in standstill traffic on a 125 HP 160 MPH motorcycle would get old. I just suck practical motorcycling. Planning to maintain a practical commute should probably stay an objective for me.

It sure would look nice sitting next to Olivia though.

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motoguru. said...

My coworker has 30,000 miles on his '08 Daytona SE. Rides almost as much as I do!