Friday, March 22, 2013

Are those Goats?!

I'm not shy about it, I've always found goats to be pretty creepy. Those funky rectangular pupils are just not right.

One of the families in my neighborhood have pygmy goats. My neighborhood is definitely not the sort of place you'd expect to find goats. The novelty of them being there has become remarkably captivating. One of them "escapes" once or twice a week and runs around which never fails to be entertaining. It quickly became a routine for me (and many who visit me) to try to spot the goats as we drive by. My seven year old decided they really needed names. He settled on Harley & Davidson (note to self, Vaughn needs to spend less time with Flathead Rob if Rob is going to be this sort of influence). Needless to say the names stuck.

 Flathead Rob noticed recently a 3rd goat appeared. I'm assuming the new goat is the product of a little goat romance between the original pair.

Since the "new" goat is smaller and infinitely more attractive it was only natural that Flathead Rob named him "Triumph." The photos do not accurately reflect tiny the little dude is. Think size of a house cat. He has at least doubled the amount of effort I make to spot them every time I drive. He is one cute little bastard.

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