Monday, March 18, 2013

Motorcycleless Motorcycle Adventures

Flathead Rob and I spent most of Saturday running around doing all things motorcycle.

Our day started at Classic Thunder Motorcycles where "Fuzzy" Jamison helped us build and balance the crank for Flathead Rob's '48 Chief. Unfortunately we ended up hitting one of those billions of stupid snags you hit building a bike. Wait a week for some $20 part that would fit in a standard mailing envelope, another several days with a good machinist where you can tack on another $100. Two weeks later you are right back where you started. This Shovel was calling my name though.

We next Vintage Classic Motorcycles. The novelty of that place never wears off.

After that we stopped by Easystreet Custom Cycles to take a look at the Red Baron's Triumph chopper sitting out front. There was some interesting stuff there and the guys running the shop were cool.

Next we headed for the Washington History Museum's "Let's Ride! Motorcycling The Northwest."

This Yale was pretty cool. I t apparently belongs to UPS and has never been displayed publicly before

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