Sunday, January 15, 2012


I admit it. Having the Indian in my garage has stolen some of the thunder away from my bikes, even if only temporarily. For a couple of days I was looking at my bikes and sorta responding, meh...

I got the part I'd been waiting for my Tiger Friday night. I mounted it immediately but wasn't able to test ride it. The weather Saturday was remarkably Spring-like so I had to take my Bonneville (Olivia) out for a ride. I LOVE that bike. She has some leaks that really need to be addressed and she's a royal bitch to start cold recently but she's still a blast to ride. In years past when the weather has gotten crappy she was always treated to some off-season maintenance. This year I've spent all my spare time (and $$) working on the Tiger and she has gotten ignored. Poor old girl, I promise when the Tiger is fully roadworthy you will get some well earned love.

Saturday night a group of us went to see Fastest at the Guild. The theater seating inspired some images of the Cocoanut Grove but it was still a good time. Those GP guys are freaks of nature. I then came home and watched the Phoenix Supercross. More freaks of nature.

Sunday I went with the same group up to C@D, first time in at least a month. It was kinda cold but there was still a pretty good turnout. Once I finally warmed up after getting home I finished putting the primary together on the Tiger. Holy crap! I think I might finally have my drive line problem licked. Pretty fun.

Conclusion to my ramblings? My bikes are still plenty cool. My daughter teases me that I'm motorcycle obsessed. I don't get it...

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