Monday, July 30, 2012


The product of spare time and no money for parts. The bike is a bitsa but it seems pretty solid so far.

I'll have to put together a parts list to see if anyone is willing to do some parts trades.


Pretty wild.


Flathead Rob driving the bus. What's the coolest thing you did on your pre-war Harley today?

Jack McCormack

I've read a fair amount about Jack McCormack from various different sources but I didn't realize before finding this clipping that he was the sales representative assigned to New Mexico.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

50's Race Bikes

My new project has me absolutely obsessed with 50's race bikes.

Knuckle Girl

Self Portrait

Cool picture. It's hard to believe this is a self portrait in motion taken with a cell phone. If I tried this I drop my phone just taking it out of my pocket.

It sure is good to see the old Bonneville back on the road.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Duplex T-Bird

I've posted pictures of this bike before. There aspects of this bike I really like. It's running an original Triumph rigid tail section that's been modified to fit a unit type mount.

New For 1961

1961 Triumph T110

So, something new followed me home last night.

When I found my '51 Tiger I was really looking to build a racing influenced rigid. The '51 was too complete and too historically significant (first alloy engine, first year of the race kit option, close pitch finned alloy cylinder, etc.) to not feel somewhat obligated to restore it. I'm not complaining, it's a super cool bike. I did still have a bit of an itch to build the other bike, just not right away. I was in no hurry to start another project. I did know after riding Chick's lovely '51 Thunderbird if I built another pre-unit I'd want it to be a 650.

That changed when I put English Stephen's pre-unit forks together (damn you Stephen!). Those forks are almost exactly what I had in mind for the bike I had wanted to build.

One of the most interesting aspects of the duplex frames used on pre-units '60-'62 is that it will take a unit style rigid tail section. I've seen a couple of duplex's with modified pre unit rigid sections and they have a nice stock pre-unit stance.

Incidentally I feel no obligation to restore a '61 T110. In my opinion it's Triumph's styling low point until the OGLE Design disaster.

The Kingfisher Blue and Silver Sheen color combination is nice though...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Is It?

From Throttle Yard. Anyone know what kinda bike this is? Great shot of a Throttle Yard reader's grandfather as a motor patrolman.

Mike Davis Pre-Unit

Mike Davis posted some pictures of his latest Triumph build. I love his bikes. He's got an exceptional eye and always has a very original bent.

The forks look just like English Stephen's spare set. I love the 21" spool with those forks.

Hap Jones Racing Team

Lowbrow Twin Engine Triumph

That is one seriously long bike. You'd have to be Lowbrow Tyler's size to ride it.


My daughter Sydney has several photographs in the latest issue of a skateboarding zine called 50-50. Her dorky old man even made it in a shot. Cool kid.

This shot wasn't in the zine... I just like it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Triumph Books

I had a conversation recently that got me daydreaming about Triumph books. It started with a discussion of Lindsay Brooke's "Triumph Motorcycles in America" (thanks so much for my copy Mike B). I absolutely love that book. It's such a shame it's out of print.

Lurker Tom graciously loaned me his copy of "Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America" also by Lindsay Brooke. It's an equally great book, and also out of print. Used copies are bringing pretty serious money. I will have to find a copy though.

"Edward Turner: The Man Behind the Motorcycles" by Jeff Clew also looks quite good. It's also out of print. I'm starting to sense a theme... I gotta find a copy.

I read part of Hughie Hancox "Tales of Triumph Motorcycles and the Meriden Factory" on Google Books a while back. It looks like a great book, very much a fly on the wall of the Triumph factory. Guess what. It's out of print.

I noticed tonight Hughie has a new book coming out in November called "Triumph: Production Testers' Tales from the Meriden Factory" Something is suggesting to me it might be a good idea to snag a copy of the first printing when it's released. I'm sorta wondering if it might be a new edition of the original book.

I've noticed loads of notable Indian Motorcycles books are also out of print. Does the same thing happen to Harley books? Lurker Tom's personal library must be worth a mint.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

HD 45 2.0

I posted a photo of this bike the other day. The bike is now for sale. It was built by Ossian Kobenhavn. Flathead Rob needs to meet this guy. He's a 23 year old Aircraft Engineer living in Copenhagen Denmark. I love this bike! I wouldn't change a thing.

Friday, July 13, 2012


From Black Needle Custom Works via Bubblevisor.

'50 Triumph Thunderbird

This bike should be on my lift...

GS400 Cafe

I think this is the first GS400 Cafe Racer I've seen besides Joey's. Simple and understated. I kinda like it.

- Cut the frame
- Replaced turnsignals
- Replacement rear fender
- Replacement headlight and rear license plate
- Replacement Seat
- Replaced the side panels (from plastic to steel)
- Replacement air filters (with chrome trumpets)
- Replaced the mufflers
- Painted tank rear fender
- Polished chrome

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emma Update

I resolved a couple of small problems on my '51 Tiger yesterday. It's almost shocking how much better it's running. That bike pulls like an MF'er for a 60 year old 500...

I just need to get a few more leaks sorted out and the "nut & bolt" the whole damn bike. It never ceases to amaze me all the things an old bike can shake off over time. It gets expensive on a bike this old.