Thursday, January 5, 2012


The Parasite. Two T110 engines equals 220 MPH, right? Maybe not but the rumor was it was well capable of 150 MPH. Ridden by Tommy Grazias and built by John Melnizuk. The link above is worth checking out for the reunion story alone.

The reunion

This last photo is Jack Mercer, a well known field rep for Tri-Cor (Triumph's East Coast Distributor). Again, it seems some of those factory guys had a pretty good time.

Here's another nice post on John Melnizuk's shop. Some amazing stuff there. Looks like a great place to visit.

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Flathead45 said...

Warning, Nerdy engineer post! Bitmonkey jokingly said two T110's equal 220 mph... Assuming thrust just equals drag, since drag varies with velocity squared, two T110 engineswould theoretically achieve 156 mph.