Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I ordered some parts from Raber's last Tuesday, they had one piece NOS and two used. I was looking for some weird shit that is keeping my bike from being finished enough to really ride.

Starting about Saturday I started thinking WTF! Of course they aren't open on Monday so I had to wait until today to call. I found out they haven't bothered to ship any of it yet! Apparently the used parts are at another warehouse. They thought they should be able to get around to retrieving them in about another week. Supposedly they are sending me the NOS part I really, really need today. I just cancelled all the rest. I could swear this project hates me sometimes...

I don't know why I ever buy parts anywhere but Moore's. Super knowledgeable guy that has great stock, fair prices, cares about his customers and even answers his own phone. Hell I've gotten parts from him faster than I could have gotten 'em locally sometimes.


Flathead45 said...

I feel your pain. Good news is, with the Internet, this is a lot less common than it used to be... Reports of bad service travel pretty fast these days. I remember a guy thirty years ago who told me it was wasn't worth his time to locate the inexpensive part I had ordered. It WAS worth his time to cash the check I sent, though. I never did see a refund or the part.

Vorhese said...

Man I feel ya. My Triumph is a nightmare.