Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sonny & Cher

Photographic evidence of why Sonny & Cher never got their damage deposits back.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ran When Parked

1959 Ariel Leader 250cc 2 Stroke Twin - Sick of constantly loosing track of your bike in the endless sea of Road Kings? For a measly $850 you could make your own charming blue smoke,  ride a bike with that irresistible "ning ning ning ning" 2 stroke sound and still stand out once and for all.

Alloy T100

My buddy Brian at British Ironworks recently started a blog dedicated to the alloy T100's. There is some really great stuff there.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


This photo of Flathead Rob and Vaughn is from the Seattle Cossacks show in Ocean Shores earlier in the year. What a great great photo.

This photo was lifted from the same batch as above. Flathead Rob's son Brandon and girlfriend Alicia went to homecoming last night in Rob's 1933 Plymouth Sedan. Rob brought that car home (in multi-basket trips) when I about Vaughn's age. That old car still cleans up pretty good.Vaughn was as excited to ride in the Plymouth Saturday morning as I think an 8 year old Rob would have been.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ran When Parked

1967 Yamaha TD1B/C -Total 2 stroke sexiness


What I see when I look at a Sportster.

What Nate sees when he looks at a Sportster

HD Hummer

Here's a little motivation for Flathead Rob to pickup the Harley Hummer calling his name. I say we swap the space occupied by the CB450 with the Hummer. Make the arrangements and we can just pick it up in my truck.


David Bird +2 Stretch - No Drop

It's tough to find good photos of David Bird rigid rears that are less than +4 stretch so I thought I'd stash away these photos. I am more and more convinced everyday I want my T110 to be stock stretch and drop.

Ran When Parked

1968 Triumph Bonneville - This bike has made the rounds in magazines etc. but I missed it's sale on eBay. It's a pretty original bike in concept and has a bunch of "cost is no object" parts.
These photos are probably the best I've ever seen of it from a details perspective. I'd be curious to know if it was actually run a Bonneville. Given the parts I bet it's a screamer.

Built by Jay at Choppahead and Don Hutchinson at Hutchinson Cycles
-          750 MAC kit
-          Rebuilt Stock 4 speed transmission
-          Mikuni carbs
-          Run 115 at Bonneville
-          Moon rear disc cover 18 in wheel
-          Wassel fender with gold leaf
-          Handbuilt sissy bar
-          18 in HD rear wheel w/ Firestone vintage style tire (with rim lock)
-          Nickel plated custom wassel tank with customtank mounts
-          Early sportster front end shaved/chromed from
-          1.75 x 21 custom front spoolie wheel with avon speedmaster
-          CafĂ© bars
-          Frame has 3 in stretch
-          Weld on hardtail
-          Rake is 30%
-          Steering damper
-          Custome drilled primary cover
-          60’s Cub oil tank with custom capacity added
-          Custom Oil filter
-          Race numbers from 2011 Bonneville races
-          Joe hunt magneto
-          Custom pipes
-          Nickel plated and old leaf everywhere
-          Custom chain guard with built in oil vent

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ran When Parked

1953 Norton 500T Factory built Trials Motorcycle - Cool bike.

Ran When Parked

1949 Triumph 5T Speed Twin - Evidently it's Speed Twin week on eBay. This one needs some love but it's still cool.

Ran When Parked

1948 Triumph 5T Speed Twin -This one has some pretty nifty original bits.

Workbench Top

When I moved last year Flathead Rob and I built a new workbench for my shop. The top on my last bench was particle board and soaked up everything that got spilled on it. As a result I finished the top of the new one. Unfortunately the finish I chose does not fare well when exposed to carb cleaner etc.

A machine shop I worked in for a while had table tops covered with conveyor belts and they were really handy. They were soft enough to prevent parts from getting banged around but were still ultra durable from a chemical and abrasion standpoint. I got curious if I could find something similarly durable that is not prohibitively expensive. After some research I'm looking at this as a possible solution.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Triumph T100R

1948 Indian chief

Ran When Parked

1954 Triumph T110 - It's getting harder and harder to find Triumphs in this price range. Especially a Pre-Unit. I wish more of the bikes getting chopped today started from bikes like this.

Tiger Chopper Project. Good Winter Project - Many Good Rare Parts. Magneto-Generator Your Choice of GME Gas Tanks. Clear Ohio Title- "Homemade" - ASSEM IN 1978. Have Rear Section & Swing Arm - Amal Monoblock Carbs.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm finding it harder and harder to buy motorcycle magazines off the shelf in the store lately. I guess I'm a little burned out on nothing but clapped out crap and 60's show bikes with 8' high sky pipes. I decided a while ago that when you can buy 60 year old magazines for the same price (with some careful shopping) how can you loose? Well it's a little like just "trying" crack I suppose...

I really like the Peterson/Clymer era CYCLE magazines. There are plenty of both American and Brit bikes but I love the American specific perception of Brit bikes in the 50's. Pure hot rod mentality. British magazines like Motor Cycling are fun too, especially for articles like this one. They just seem a little stuffy after reading CYCLE.

The personal notes left by the previous owners in some of these magazines are an interesting perspective too. Notes and prices left left during meticulous shopping research, footnotes to quickly find the articles with supercharged, nitro-methane fed lunacy... We're still all the same 60 years later. 

Johnny Allen & Co. - 1956