Thursday, January 19, 2012

T100 Race Kit Frame Lugs

Wes White saw pictures of my frame once and commented that he thought the lugs for rearsets etc. where a little unusual. He thought I might have a T100C hardtail. I didn't think too much of it because the frame and engine are '51 numbers matching and it was pretty clear before I refinished the frame that the front and rear frame segments had been together for life. I also figured all the '51s were setup to potentially run a Race Kit. When I started working the '51 Parts Book to get replacement chain adjusters I noticed the lug on the left side of the frame was different than what they pictured but I couldn't really figure out what it was for.

Then last night I was browsing through the complete T100 Race Kit brochure and saw the picture below for the first time. My frame has all the lugs pictured for the rearsets and the brake pedal/brake linkage mods. Maybe they all do, I don't know anyone else with a '51 T100 to compare it with. The other thing that occurred to me is the bottom mount for the oil tank on my frame doesn't line up in the right location for the stock oil tank. It does sorta make me wonder if it would line up correctly with the the Race Kit 1 gallon tank. Given the other race parts in the engine it makes me wonder if it wasn't setup with a Race Kit once upon a time.

Again, maybe the parts book just uses a T5/T6 frame illustration. Damn I wish I knew more about where this bike has been.


Flathead45 said...

Remember the T100 with the race kit that I ohotographed a few years ago? Maybe I could track that guy down... Was that a '51?

BitMonkey said...

I do remember it. I actually reference those pictures from time-to-time. I think it's a '52 or '53. I'd still really like to talk to that guy sometime.

Alfred said...


I own a 1952 Tiger 100 built in March. It has the same frame lugs as in your picture. Currently I am restoring the bike and upgrading it to the 100C version. Most of the original Race Kit parts I found over the last years. Only part missing is the right hand side folding foot rest. This seems to be difficult to find.
If you need pictures or more Information just let me know.


Benny said...

I need a frame like this, regardless of condition. I got a T100 1951 matching number but the frame are ruined. Anyone know where I can find one?

T100R 1970 / T120R 1968

BitMonkey said...

I've never seen another one. The early factory rigid frames are getting pretty hard to find. I just bought a '52 frame without the rearset lugs. I had to look for about a year to find one in decent condition I could actually afford.

Benny said...

As you now have bough a 52-frame, are you willing to sell the 51-frame?

BitMonkey said...

The '51 frame is the numbers matching frame for my completed '51 T100. The '52 frame I just bought recently for the project I am now working on. I don't have a frame I'm interested in selling.