Friday, May 31, 2013

Ironhead Street Tracker

I've never been Ironhead fan, I think is arguable the most hideous powerplant Harley ever built. That said, every time I visit Classic Thunder see one that's just screaming for a rescue. Flathead Rob and Nater just aren't seeing it. For the record this is what that bike really wants to be.

I guess I can't save them all. This hobby of ours is a total disease,,,

Made in the Shed




For quite a while now I've been thinking a Suzuki GT750 in a Featherbed would be cool. Not quite what I was thinking but this is a similar concept.

Cossack Apprentices

Over the last year the Seattle Cossacks added a group of young guys (under 18) to the team as Apprentices. In my opinion they have been a great addition. The young guys are passionate, fearless and don't have an once of fat. All good qualities for someone who will ultimately climb all over old guys. They also learn incredibly fast.

The guys are already quite incorporated into the team's shows. Now they are working to get bikes roadworthy. Flathead Rob and I dropped by Classic Thunder Motorcycles after hours last night to stand around in the way. It is so cool to see young guys excited about old bikes. How many 16 year old guys do you know who are building a '35 Harley VL to ride the hell out of?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ran when Parked

1966 Triumph - If fairly confident I've posted pics of this bike before. It's nicely done, insanely clean and has some really cool parts. It's been listed a handful of times now. The reserve must be pretty high.

Ran When Parked

1952 Triumph Thunderbird - Nice bike.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

UK National Motorcycle Museum

Wow. Just wow.

1951 Triumph T100 with Race Kit

1956 Texas Ceegar - 80HP and 214.4 MPH

Slippery Sam flanked by Factory race bikes and the infamous Texas Ceegar. Absolute Triumph Royalty.

1927 Triumph TT
My employer has two sites within 10 miles of the museum. There must be something they need me to do there, right?

Royal Signals Motor Cycle Display Team

I have been watching for a reasonably priced copy of Hughie Hanox's now out of print  Tales of Triumph Motorcycles and the Meriden Factory book for several months now. There are potions of the book that can be viewed through resources like Google Books. The publisher's site says there is a reprint planned for August 2013 so my search may be over soon.

I was interested to find Hughie's mention of being a member of Royal Signals Motor Cycle Display Team. There is an entire chapter devoted to it. It's pretty clear Hughie was pretty proud of his participation with the team.

This looks like an early 50's Tiger accept it's a flathead. I suspect it's a TRW engine but I've never seen a TRW in quite this configuration. Interesting.

The book mentions that the Triumph factory supplied all the team's bikes. I attempted to chase down the actual model the guys rode without much luck. Maybe someone who sees this will know what it is.

I did however find this 1950 Triumph 7ST prototype designed to be a sidecar tug. I looks to me like a Thunderbird with the experimental 750cc flathead installed. The much beloved black Thunderbird often referred to as the "Blackbird" was not offered until 1953. That looks like a later larger post '51 nacelle to me too.

I'm stunned I never stumbled across the UK National Motorcycle Museum web site before. They have a pretty amazing collection.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wrenching 1915

Have you ever picked up a book for one single picture? Yeah, of course not. Me neither. That would be a sure sign you were super lame andWAY too obsessed with vintage motorcycles...
Hamming it up - 1915. Someone searching for the parts to complete an early teens Triumph is probably totally cringing about now in response to this photo
1928 Norton 16H with the ultra rare "step stool" option

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I hate it when people run overly large and conspicuous mirrors on vintage bikes...

Flathead Rob is starting to drive some real stuff. Pretty rad. I'm proud of the guy.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

King Kenny - YZR500

In the unlikelihood event you've forgotten what a BAMF King Kenny was/is. 500cc's, 150HP and 200lbs...

Team Sweaters

As I'm sure many are aware I have been plotting for some time to try to make a Johnson Motors race sweater replica similar to the one pictured below. As a result I spend some time poking around at some of the repo vintage clothing suppliers.

One such vendor is Dehen. They make nifty looking stuff, I just haven't found exactly what I am looking for yet. It does however look like they are currently having a clearance sale of sorts. They seem to have a pretty good size selection of Maroon Varsity V-Necks. Seattle Cossacks jersey perhaps? I think $150 is about 50% off.

Monday, May 20, 2013