Friday, March 30, 2012

1939 T100 Tiger



So you have gobs of vintage motorcycle money burning a hole in your pocket and can't find anything to spend it on. Here's something different. I've seen and previously posted Sno-Go ads but I don't think I've ever seen a real one before.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olivia Tank Mount Update

I've had several friends express concern over and ask about the status of my tank mounts.

I took some Birthday money and convinced Trent to see what he could do about the problem. Trent repaired the rear mount and initially we tried to rebuild the front mounts in the stock fashion. Trent might well be the one guy more anal retentive than Flathead Rob and I combined. He pretty quickly scrapped the idea and decided to turn threaded inserts to fit. I feel guilty about the amount of time he ended up having to spend on it but the results are pretty f#@king unbelievable. No paint work has been done yet in these pictures.

Monday, March 26, 2012

NM Jeep

This one is for Flathead Rob. I can neither make out the plate year or date the Jeep. I'm guessing he'll be able to.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

1965 T120 TT

Saw this bike at the ABATE swap meet north of Seattle. Sign said it was a 1965 T120 TT (if I remembered right). Asking $3900.

I have no idea what it's worth, but it sure looks like it would be fun to ride.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


A couple of lovelys from ScooterMcRad's. That guy has the coolest taste.

Not 16 Anymore

I took Vaughn to a birthday at a skate park today. I wasn't too stoked to be there initially because I really wanted to get my '51 back together today. I couldn't take it just watching... and ended up fetching my 24" BMX bike. It felt really good to ride. I haven't been on a bike in literally years. Vaughn's 6 year old friends were pretty entertained by my now pathetic riding.

Unfortunately I slipped on some ramp decking and went down pretty hard, silly mistake. Result, I sprained my left wrist well and good. I continued to cruise around until the party ended but I was pretty sore once I got home. Here's the damn ramp I slipped on.

I was still pretty motivated to get the '51 back in one piece when I got home. Turning wrenches and holding parts together didn't improve matters. By the time it was in one piece and running I couldn't even pull the clutch. I'm a dumbass. It was fun. Holy crap I sucked though.

Friday, March 23, 2012

1951 Triumph Tiger

This one kinda wants to be in my garage. Loads of potential. It will be interesting to see what it goes for.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hell's Half Acre

I read a post on the Remember Albuquerque Facebook group, about a famous 1/2 mile dirt track that existed in Albuquerque in the 1940's, called "Hell's Half Acre". The writer says it was where the Terrace Drive-In used to be, on East Central, and that the southern curve is still visible on Google Earth. Sure enough, it is:

Gotta love that name. Have you ever heard of it?

From a book titled Dirt Track Auto Racing 1919-1941:

New Mexico had even less known racing - this on two tracks in Albuquerque. A track called All-American Speedway existed from 1926 to 1946 but might have only had a handful of races. Races on August 19, 1926, and January 1, 1927, can be documented - there must have been other races. The other Albuquerque track was Hells Half Acre speedway that was active in 1939 for at least one race. From the name of the track it might have run jalopies, so maybe New Mexico had only one 1920s and '30 race car speedway?

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Custom 2.0

Part 2 of 2

Tank Girl Norton

Friday, March 16, 2012

Load Em Up

I saved this photo in a hurry. Unfortunately now I can't recall from where.

Whoa, What A Minute...

I was thumbing through a new motorcycle rag last night and stumbled across this. Some people will use any kinda crap in their ads.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I saw this Knuck on Matt Olsen's blog. He mentions it won the Alabama state enduro in 1951. Present owner bought it off CL. I love this bike.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Close Pitch Fin Pre Unit

Kinda Pricey but it's cool. I like the dual carb head:

1951 Triumph Pre Unit Alloy Trophy Motor - $1400 (Lake Oswego)

This is a rare Triumph pre unit motor with alloy cylinder barrels and head that was used on the Trophy models starting in 1951. This is the second generation alloy motor produced by Triumph and has the close finned head and barrel design for improved cooling. In addition to the Trophy, this engine was also used on the 1950's flat track racer (T100R) and the T100C model that used the famous Triumph Race Kit in the early '50's. This would also make a great vintage racer or café racer.
This motor will need new sleeves installed in the barrels as well as valve guides, valves, springs and keepers in the head. One fin at the bottom of the barrels has been repaired and will need to be trimmed and finished. All other fins on the head and barrels are in good condition. The exhaust port threads on the head are in excellent condition. Manifold tubes have been welded to the intake side of the head, which could be used as is or removed to put back in stock condition. This is an exc ellent core motor to use as a starting point to build a vintage motor for your old Triumph or other vintage bike. All the hard to find parts are here, including the BTH magneto.
Call Tom at (503) 621-8943

Pre Unit

There are a couple of minor things I'd change if this bike where mine but as a whole it is pretty damn cool!


At tip to the world... Please don't use Kreem. As far as I know it never works and removing it really sucks. Especially when it's a tank with pristine paint you are trying to preserve.

A E Customs

I caught the photos Aaron Elliot posted on his blog last night but never got around to posting them. The guy sure has an eye for stance. You can tell he's spent some time around Cole Foster too. I've posted a couple of other bikes Aaron built before.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Newest Atom Bomb Creation

I'm a pretty serious fan of Clay Rathburn's bike's. The fabrication is just unreal. This bike is such a fresh idea beautifully executed.