Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ran When Parked

Triumph Speedway Vintage Racer

"I have for sale a Vintage Triumph Cub Speedway in original condition. This machine, called a "Portland Speedway", was raced in the NW in the early '60's. There were only 18 of these hand built Cub racers made and this still has the original "Candy Stripe" paint job. The frames were hand built by Red Rice with parts and machine work provided by Cliff Majhor of Cycle Hub and Blackie Blackburn, well known hot rod builder. This machine was ridden most of the time by local flattracker Clark Gable, (not the actor), and was ridden at least once by Sammy Tanner according to my notes taken when interviewing Cliff Majhor several years ago. This is a genuine vintage race bike with NW history and only a handful of these Cubs still exist."

Time Warp Tiger 100

I stumbled across this Vintagent post last night. Man this bike rules!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bike.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ran When Parked

1910 - 1920 11 - Harley Davidson early Motorcycles for sale. I will not split up the 11 Motorcycles. 5 Belt Drive and 6 remaining are twins. Asking 500,000 OBO.

Hinckley Triton

Don't get me wrong, this bike is cool. That said I saw a Hinckley powered Triton today that puts this absolutely to shame... I really should half taken a picture or two.

Friday, October 26, 2012


From the Gearhead-Racing photo gallery via Bubblevisor.
These are exactly the sort of bike I can't get enough of lately.


Today was the first day this fall that was colder than t-shirt weather. Pretty weird, I don't recall it being so warn so late in the year in the 40-something years I've live in NM. It' only a matter of time before rides feel like this again...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

MGB Hot Rod

When I first saw this "Bring a Trailer" post I thought for sure this was the same MGB we ran into on the way back from C@D one day. Upon closer inspection it's not. Cool car though.


There are some great Speedweek photos over at Southsiders. Bonneville has persistently been on my bucket-list for about 10 years now. I have to make it there one of these days.

Ran When Parked

1915 Reading Standard twin

Monday, October 22, 2012


Chopped Monobloc

I've seen twin Amal TT's, Amal GP's and even the 276's but English Stephen schooled me on something I'd never seen before, the chopped Monobloc.

Used briefly on mid 60's Norton Atlas, 650SS and perhaps a BSA model or two. The right side carb of the pair has a "chopped off" float chamber. The two carbs then "share" the single float bowel via banjo bolts a fuel-line. The normal 389 model designation becomes a "689" for the chopped carb. Pretty wild stuff.

45 Noobie

I've heard 45's are pretty good learners bikes but this guy might be better off mastering a Hummer first.

Atomic Triumph

Hey... I know that tank. I'm a little relieved to see I'm not the only one that forces Trent to work on Brit crap anymore. I heard through the grapevine that Trent wasn't too impressed with the factory Triumph tank mounts.The bird scat affixed nuts aren't even quite up to factory specs. 

Hmm. Science fair Crystal Garden or the remains of 40 year old body filler? Your call.

Those are some lovely welds. It's a super cool tank and now it will be better than new!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ran When Parked

56 panhead bobber - $14500 (Cedar Crest) 

I'm pretty sure this is a bike Doug Vancil built recently. He elected not to give me the cool old Wassell fender. I sure sounded good though.

I did point out that the tail light was pretty lame... 

Excelsior Racer

Bobby's Drag Bike

Barons T100 Drag Bike

Pretty rad.

I know English Stephen was talking to Amal about carbs for the "Speed Twin Clubman TT"
earlier in the week. I'm hoping the product will be something similar to above.


Flathead Rob says all the rain in Seattle makes finding good base projects more challenging. I say he's exaggerating.

Yamaha Mini Enduro Collection

Sometimes I feel a little like a hoarder having keep my first motorcycle all these years.

This tells me at least I don't have it as bad as I could.

Ran When Parked

1950 Velocette 500 MSS Brooklands Replica