Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

My niece Lauren and her husband Korey came into town to visit for Thanksgiving. I spent a lot of time around Lauren when she was growing up. Lauren was always a super adventurous kid. If she set her mind on trying something it's a "go."

Lauren (and Korey) have a Honda 85 MX bike she has been riding quite a bit. When they took interest in our old bikes teaching then to ride a foot clutch bike naturally came up. Thanksgiving afternoon we made it happen. Both soloed in pretty short order. Lauren was pretty apprehensive initially but she soldiered through it and did great!

It's refreshing to see two people that are so positive, interested and open to new things. 

Lauren was persistently nagging me later that evening for a bass lesson. What a cool girl.

Speedbird Update

More Speedbird spy photos. That head was "acquiring patina" in a milk crate in my garage not so long ago. So cool to see it loved. Rumor has it engine assembly might start before long. Flathead Rob recommends measuring everything you can think of - twice.

Swanky Big-Valve Ceramic Coated Thunderbird Head
Dry Primary - seal side of the crank case
Forged Fork Lower Porn
Balanced Crank & Rods

Nitro Powered Triumph

What hill?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ran When Parked

1947 Indian Chief - Still subtlety dropping paint and trim hints at Flathead Rob.


As long as we are on a BMW theme, I spotted this bike on JJ recently. I'm not normally a fan of heavily raked bikes but this one is just cool. It's a fantastic blend of chopped and stock.

Ran When Parked

1930 BMW R-11 - If I had to ride a Beemer this might well be the one.


I spotted this photo over at the Old Motor. If he was born in a different time I could see Flathead Rob traveling this way.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kashun Green & Topaz

Here's an Indian paint scheme you don't see every day.  Kashun Green & Topaz

Choppahead Triumph

I'm gonna be prowling around Boston for a very quick visit.  Naturally when I think "sightseeing" I think motorcycles. The only Boston related motorcycle entity I know off the top of my head is Choppahead. While nosing around I found this bike. Often times Triumphs that incorporate a lot of Harley parts do nothing for me. There are elements of this one I really like.

I often wish my '61 had the earlier style primary cover. This bike is reminding me that later one is pretty cool too.


It's official. I'm getting a little tired of the rain. I wanna get my bike back together and ride it this weekend. Come hell or high water.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ran When Parked

1940's Dusting Tourer Sidecar - I'm not sure I'd ever run a sidecar on any bike but it would be fun to carry my 8 year old. My 1951 would be a total pig pulling a car. It just doesn't have enough torque. If I did though, this one is ready and painted to match. I still prefer the bullet-nosed Stiebs esthetically on a Triumph.


Thursday, November 14, 2013


This was lifted from my friend Wes Baca. Pretty cool. It might not make sense to the non-New Mexicans.

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics - Second Edition

I just received a comment from Greg Williams, the man behind the beautiful reprints of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics. He mentioned they have now reprinted the Second Edition of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics -- a limited edition run of 540 books, each one hand numbered.

 I have a lot of motorcycle books I keep around because they are just old and cool. Only a few are references I actually use to solve problems. My brother Flathead Rob has an original copy of the Second Edition and it fills both roles in the most wonderful way! Go buy this book. If my "parts needed" queue was presently gobbling all my motorcycle money I would absolutely be all over this offer.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ran When Parked

1945 Harley Davidson U - I spotted this bike over at Mike's Born Loser blog. It's a little loud but the more I look at it the more I like it.