Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fall of Norton Mike

While doing a little Tiger shakedown run through the neighborhood I spotted Norton Mike's garage door open. He and a buddy were wrenching on the Commando. I stopped to chat for a while and news is the Commando is gone. Sold and being picked up tomorrow. Another one bites the dust. I'm running out of friends with roadworthy old bike to ride with. It's just nice to have some riding buddies that are tolerant of the occasional mechanical and don't expect you to run 100 MPH all day.

I made the comment to Mike "Everyone is unloading their old crap, maybe I should be learning something." He commented "Nope, you should just be buying up all their old crap." Made me feel a little better. Mike did admit he was already looking for a replacement... I assured him he'll always be Norton Mike to me, Norton or not.

Justin, work on your Bonneville dammit.


Flathead45 said...

Sorry to hear Mike's thrown in the towel. Hopefully it's temporary, but the fact of the matter is some don't like working on them nearly as much as just riding.

BitMonkey said...

"...some don't like working on them nearly as much as just riding."

Hell, I'm one of those!

Vorhese said...

I love both. But at the moment, I'd like to be riding more than wrenching.