Saturday, January 21, 2012

Knucklehead Visit

"Knucklehead" Steven dropped by today to see what's happening in my shop (something tells me it wasn't just MY bikes he came to see, there's another blog for that topic). It was cool to hang out for a bit. I would have been cool to head out on a ride with him I'm currently without a roadworthy bike.

Steven seems pretty smitten with Emma. I wouldn't be too surprised to find a Brit bike in his future. It's not everyday I have a Knucklehead this lovely in my driveway so I figured it was a good time to snap a few pictures.

Crazy to think there are only 5 years between our bikes ('46 -'51).

Flathead Rob complained while he was around over Christmas that He didn't have any current pictures of Emma. I need to paint the rear stand and a couple of other things but I still think she's looking pretty good.

Emma was kinda stopping traffic today. Pretty cool.

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Nate said...

That's a nice looking motorcycle right there. Oh I mean the knucklehead of course..LOL Well your more motorcycle is bad ass also!