Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cooper F3

I'm currently reading a great book called Triumph Motorcycles in America. The fourth chapter covers the opening of the factory owned East Coast distributor, TriCor in 1951. One of the successes of TriCor was a program developed to train Triumph mechanics that was also intended to build rapport with factory leadership. Supposedly even Edward Turner was known to show up for these on occasion. The day following the 1952 session arrangements where made to use a section of unopened highway for some wide-open-throttle Triumph runs. Also present was Lex Dupont's Cooper Formula 3 car powered by a 500cc T100 motor complete with a factory race kit.

I had to find pictures. I think this may be a picture of the car (hard to tell for certain, the picture is tiny). If it is, as of 2009 Lex claimed it still sat in his garage.

Here are better pictures of a similar Cooper F3, instead powered by a 500cc J.A.P.

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