Friday, October 21, 2011

Triumph Obession 2

Previously I posted a photo of the Sullivan Triumph collection, wishing I could find a higher resolution copy to ogle. I was quite surprised today to be contacted by a member of Mr Sullivan's family willing to share a few high res photos. The photos are simply jaw dropping.

I get the impression the Motorcycle News article down played Mr Sullivan's involvement to some degree. He's been building the bikes that make up his collection for better than 25 years. It was very cool to get a glimpse of his family's pride in all he's accomplished.

The breadth of the collection is nothing short of shocking when you start looking at it in detail. One example, he must have representation of every year of Bonneville TT offered. I can't even fathom the money and time involved.

It took me all of about 30 seconds to pick a favorite. The Tiger 100 (maybe a 1939 or 1940?) in the bottom right corner above. Easily to most attractive production Triumph ever made in my opinion. Thanks so much for sharing the photos!

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