Sunday, October 30, 2011

C@D Report

Nice day at C@D today. The weather was great. Some interesting bikes, most of which posted before. I finally managed to catch the regulars with the Trident (Jason & Jamie). Cool bike and they really put the miles on it.

Bill's impeccable CB750 cafe finally made it up on it's own devices. Bill thinks he may have fried his regulator and was running with a total loss charging system today (sorting a new old bike can take a little while). He rode back with us and the bike sounds great. I didn't take too many photos because I posted several before.

Scott(?) pulled in on his HD just as we were leaving. Melanie knows him somehow but I can't remember how. She showed me a picture of this bike once before they moved. I've previously always seen Scott on a cabon-fibered to the hilt Ducati. I like the Triumph tank.

The HD photos don't suck like mine usually do because Stephen took em with his cellphone. Ever notice a good guitarist sounds better on a crap guitar than a shit guitarist sounds on the best Taylor/CF Martin/whatever? Same concept in photography here. Lucky you.

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Nate said...

The HD bobber looks cool and all. But why do people do the open primary? It doesn’t look cool nor is it safe in my opinion? To me it’s as bad as watching people ride in shorts and shoes... Sorry John just on soap box for a second to rant. Other than that the bikes look great!! I whish Rob and I could be there with our team bikes to hang out and ride in nice weather to ride with you guys!!