Sunday, October 23, 2011

Motorcycle Cannonball 2012

Pre-1930. They are going closer to Flathead Rob's neck of the woods than mine this time, I guess we'll have to plan accordingly. September 7-21, 2012.

Pre-event TBD TBD
Pre-event TBD Registration, TBD
Stage 1 Fr Sept. 7 Newburgh, NY to Wellsboro, PA 209 Miles
Stage 2 Sa Sept. 8 Wellsboro, PA to Sandusky, OH 330 Miles
Stage 3 Su Sept. 9 Sandusky, OH to Milwaukee, WI 310 Miles
Stage 4 Mo Sept. 10 Milwaukee, WI. to Anamosa, IA 210 Miles
Stage 5 Tu Sept. 11 Anamosa, IA to Spirit Lake, IA 280 Miles
Stage 6 We Sept. 12 Spirit Lake, IA to Murdo, SD 280 Miles
Stage 7 Th Sept. 13 Murdo, SD to Sturgis, SD 300 Miles
Rest Day Fr Sept. 14 Rest Day; Sturgis, SD
Stage 8 Sa Sept. 15 Sturgis, SD to Sheridan, WY 250 Miles
Stage 9 Su Sept. 16 Sheridan, WY. to Jackson Hole, WY 320 Miles
Stage 10 Mo Sept. 17 Jackson Hole, WY. to Mountain Home, ID 300 Miles
Stage 11 Tu Sept. 18 Mountain Home, ID to Burns, OR 275 Miles
Stage 12 We Sept. 19 Burns, OR to Alturas, CA 250 Miles
Stage 13 Th Sept. 20 Alturas, CA to Redway, CA 330 Miles
Stage 14 Fr Sept. 21 Redway, CA to San Francisco, CA 230 Miles


Aren't places like Jackson Hole sometimes pretty damn cold in September? Vorhese, can I sleep in your DeSoto 11/21/2012? JK

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Vorhese said...

With the baby, that may be the only available couch!