Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Getting there. One of these days, hopefully before I snap and go nuts from waiting to hear it fire up.

The cellphone picture above is too lame to really make out the paint. I'm really happy I went with the original stock paint scheme.


Vorhese said...

I am quite jealous. How long has this project lasted? I'm at 6 years on my pre-unit and it's not even stock

Nate said...

wow!!! You hit a home Run John!! Nice job!!!

BitMonkey said...

Vorhese - I think I started the project in May, but currently it's the only project I'm even touching. Just ask my poor neglected Bonneville...

You have a much bigger queue of bike projects, an old car and an old house you're actively working on. I think you're doing alright progress wise.

Nate - Thanks. That means a lot.