Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go play In The Freeway

Surely almost everyone has dreamed about what they'd do with a closed freeway. As a kid it was probably riding your skateboard/BMX/dirt bike right down the middle lane, hell, the wrong way. Why not. As a grownup? How about a four minute no traffic or speed limit commute to the office? The ideas are limitless. I bet you could form a contest around giving away the chance to fulfill whatever your dream might be...

Rumor has it our friends in the Seattle Cossacks got to live their dream today.

"Members of the Seattle Cossacks classic motorcycle stunt team perform on the upper deck of the closed Alaskan Way Viaduct on Saturday, October 22, 2011 in downtown Seattle. They were winners of a contest where organizations made pitches about what they would do on the deck of the closed highway for half an hour. The highway usually carries 110,000 cars per day and will be closed for 9 days as demolition of the southern h
alf of the aging structure begins. The highway, built in the 1950s, will be replaced with a new deep bore tunnel along the Seattle waterfront."

Members of the Rat City Rollergirls and Seattle Cossacks motorcycle stunt team have fun on the upper deck of the closed Alaskan Way Viaduct (Hmm, I believe there is a rollergirl on Flathead Rob's shoulders in this photo...)

(Is that Nater mopping up the stripe?)

(Flathead Rob - Nice try, you don't look inconspicuous surrounded by rollergirls)

So far all I've heard from Flathead Rob is "Way more fun than anyone should have on one day!" I hope to get the full scoop tomorrow.

Killer pictures and I've heard there may be more coming.


Nate said...

We had so much fun up there performing!!! Thats a cool shot of me hanging on as my head mops up the white line. Flathead Rob (Rookie) did a great job also!!! You have some great pictures of our event!!

BitMonkey said...

Credit where credit is due, the photos are from the Seattle PI.

I wish I could have been there.