Saturday, October 29, 2011


My son's football coach is about as traditional as they come. You'll see no cornrows, skull caps or gold lame shoes on his team (my son only cuts his hair during football season out of requirement and refuses to cut it the whole rest of the year). The boys wear suits and ties to the away games. Traditional preseason workout? Pushing coach's 1951 Ford truck. This all took place preseason this year but I saw these photos for the first time today.

While on the subject of football, this is the tenth year my son has played football. It's something he decided to do entirely on his own devices as a little kid. He has been a "first-stringer" since day one as a lineman, usually playing both sides of the ball, often entire games. He's a HS senor this year, team captain. I'm proud of him and I'm hardly a "football Dad" (that's Mom's job!). Team injuries pushed him into the role of sometimes Fullback this year. He scored his career first TD Friday (29 yards)! I suspect that fulfills the secret dream of loads of career lineman before him... Pretty damn cool moment.

Thanks to Saundra Harrison & David Crosby for the photos.


thesydnit said...

Tyler is such a bamf.

Vorhese said...

nice, I miss living around people with values