Friday, October 14, 2011

The Seattle Connection

I received a care package from Flathead Rob today! Among the contents was a reproduction headlight switch and a bezel for it Rob turned in his garage on his 1940's Atlas lathe.

I put the switch in and it looked absolutely beautiful. It also occurred to me that if I made a couple small mods to the original Lucas switch I have I could probably make it work with Rob's bezel (at least until I wire it up and discover it's shorted and have to put the repop back in...). Anyway, here it is:

So about the bezel. Rob hasn't the lathe all that long and is a fairly rookie machinist. That said, the thing is a piece of fricken art! It's easily my favorite part on the bike now. Seriously, if I ever sell Emma I could see myself pulling it off and keeping it. I don't know how many of you have a brother you really share interests with but I can't tell you how cool it is to productively collaborate on a bike project despite being 1500 miles apart.

Now you might just be thinking "Dude, you just did an entire blog post about putting a fricken switch on your bike." To that I say fuck off and get your own blog;)

Thanks Rob, I owe you one.

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Nate said...

It's all about a brother's love and a great bond that brougth two great brothers even closer!!! Then being able to tell people to fuck off is even more priceless. What is this commerical for MasterCard...Nice John and Rob!!!