Saturday, October 29, 2011

Land of Perpetual Construction

My daughter's car has needed new brake pads for a couple of weeks now, I finally got around to replacing them today. I jacked up the right rear tire, pulled the wheel an noticed something skewering the rear splash guard. My first thought (after what the f$%k is that?!) was that the linkage for the e-brake had come apart. Once I looked closer I noticed it was an 18" long, 1/4 inch self tapping screw! Wow. I was literally dragging along the center of the tire at about the four o'clock position. Pictures don't do it justice. That's a nickel for scale.

I've never seen one like this before. Any idea what it would have been used for originally?


thesydnit said...

Holy crap! That's massive!

Anonymous said...

roofing my dear friend, dammit flat roofs using foam to form crickets to channel water to roof drains on TPO roofing systems. the screws are used to screwed down the foam boards.