Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sometimes you don't recognize how lucky you are to have certain resources trivially available. Every time I visit Flathead Rob I'm reminded how luck he is to some great resources we are lacking in ABQ. I won't even waste your time complaining about how the big chain hardware stores have driven every useful Mom & Pop store out of business in my area.

 He is super lucky to have Bent Bike only a few minutes away as well. Ever wished you could dig through a pile of forks, wheels, carbs, bolts, whatever to just find the right odd piece to do the job? Being able to touch and measure a part is a huge advantage. Then you can actually just buy the damn thing without waiting 3 days to get out bid... It would totally change the way you build a budget custom whatever-you-are-building.

They have an equally good selection of new parts inside too. You never know, that Hodaka petcock might be the perfect substitute for that $200 British petcock only... it won't leak.

The one drawback I saw is parts don't "weather" in Seattle quite as gracefully as they do in the dry Southwest.

Now the resources I might not give enough credit... I have loads of "old motorcycle" friends as resources in NM I'd be in no hurry to trade. Our vintage motorcycle community is unparalleled even if it's small by comparison. I owe all you guys a cup of coffee and likely loads more.

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