Saturday, August 11, 2012

Speedway Park

I've run into an interesting guy named Eddie at Cars & Coffee a couple of times now. His Dad owned an Albuquerque motorcycle/scooter dealership (Zundapp, Vespa, etc.) and an Albuquerque dirt track in the late 40's. Eddie did lots of motorcycle racing in the 50's (road racing, flat track, whatever). He confirmed for certain that Simonson was the Triumph dealer in '51, he raced for Simonson for a while. We got to talking about some of the pictures Eddie has and he mentioned this archive online. I love some of Speedway Park stuff. It will take a week to go through it all.

Speedway Park pits, 1948

Jalopy Coupe 1950

Speedway Park pits 1950

Speedway Park Sign
Albuquerque Dealer.

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