Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ran When Parked

I've recently become a huge fan of Bring a Trailer. It just strikes me as such as simple and novel idea. As someone who feels a little compiled to rescue every odd project it really appeals to me. I've decided to post the occasional motorcycle equivalent. Since the ads that usually call my name seem to almost always claim "Ran when parked" I've decided to refer to them that way. If you see anything interesting that fits the bill pass it along.

So, first one....

1957 Triumph TRW Bobber Project - $2500

1957 Triumph TRW flat head bobber project. Original Engine, Primary and transmission. Engine makes good compression, trans shifts thorugh all gears. Original Hardtail frame from TRW and original hard to find TRW leather springer seat. Also has 70's triumph front end and front wheel with vented front drum, and late 60' Triumph rear wheel with drum brakes.
This bike had been an older bobber conversion that had been stripped down and sold as a basket case. Has rear fender with tail light and fuel tank with inlaid speedo.

Too many projects, not enough time!

Open to offers. Do not have registration but I do have bilss of sales from last couple of owners dating back about 15 years from original estate sale.

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