Sunday, August 12, 2012

C@D Report

Today may have been the best "old bike" showing I ever recall. Certainly the best old Brit bike showing ever. I was too busy causing trouble to take very many pictures.

An undisclosed motorcycle benefactor talked me into riding his Vincent Black Shadow, I suspect more than a few of the readers of this blog will still work out who it was. It's absolutely the most amazing motorcycle I've ever ridden. It was the most cautiously I've ever ridden a bike too.

I have a hard and fast rule that I never ride a motorcycle I couldn't afford to replace. I broke that rule twice today. I rode PJ's (mine actually, he just has realized it yet) 1948 Norton International after the Vincent. PJ and I actually ended up"racing" the Norton and my Tiger. I think that Norton might run my Triumph down in a straight line. The straight pipe on that Norton is LOUD.

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