Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Santa Fe Concorso

Shortly after the Motorado Show I received an email inviting me to enter the Santa Fe Concorso. I had kind of forgotten about it until a friend mentioned last weekend that he was going to have a couple of bikes in the show. He said he participated last year and that the show was pretty impressive. The following is a paraphrased description from the email I received.

The Santa Fe Concorso, one of the nation’s premiere transportation events, is happening September 30th. Last year we had the Munro Special (The World’s Fastest Indian of movie fame), the Harley Davidson "Easyriders Streamliner" that holds world speed records and a great sampling of race and street bikes at our show.

This year there a two ways for motorcyclists to participate. If you just wish to enter your bike(s) in our Sunday show there is no charge to do so. Another option is full participation in the Friday night reception at the Santa Fe Airport, the Saturday Mountain Tour, including decal, and lunch for $100 as well as the Sunday show. The Sunday VIP area is available to you for a $50 fee either as a Sunday only participant or as a full weekend entrant. Food is available for purchase at other locations should you decide to pass on the Sunday VIP area option.

I'm not sure if I'll be available that weekend but if I am I plan to drop by on Sunday.

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Flathead45 said...

Sounds fun. Wish I could be there...